Our country needs the cult of innovation


Any reform initiatives in Ukraine, it is customary to associate with the part of the state apparatus and state funding. It is believed that once we create some kind of conditional «Ministry» in a particular sector – in this there occur qualitative changes that will dramatically change life in a better way. This fallacy is cultivated all the years of Ukraine’s independence and still has a large number of adherents.пропоную почитати Igor Yankovsky

We are very much hoping for the organizational role of the state in certain processes and not noticed the difference yourself. Yes, indeed: in planning and administrative economic system that we inherited from the Soviet Union, all actions of citizens, including economic ones, have been pre-defined state. About the initiative «from below» knew little, and the enterprise was not a prerequisite for success.

Today, this trend is supported, rather, by inertia, because the state actually is not doing its role of a «reformer.» And as practice shows – and it shouldn’t.

Especially noticeable the helplessness of the state in reforming of science. Realizing that it was high technology and exports could be a new economic development strategy of Ukraine, the state for these needs lays in the budget financing at the level of 0.5%. Given our income, this is a negligible amount, which is insufficient even to maintain the existing level of science in Ukraine.

Business is ready to invest, but often do not know what to offer Ukrainian science and innovators
The key question is: then why the business can’t be a driver of change and to support Ukrainian inventors, startups capital for further development and generate new added value?

That business can and should invest in science, speak very long, but to no avail. The main problem that failed to crystallize during the discussion, is that neither science nor business, nor the state still does not have a reciprocal representation of who is doing what. As a businessman, I don’t know where to invest: the business is ready to invest, but often do not know what to offer Ukrainian science and innovators. In turn, Ukrainian inventors do not find support neither entrepreneurs, nor the state, often choose the path of emigration abroad. There is a government and business compete honey for the opportunity to get one or another technology. The basis of all problems – the lack of basic communication and a single center to bring its positions to the other party.

We have not yet noticed, they themselves have become owners of competitive advantages, which is able to change our realities. A corresponding request for a new quality of life in the community has created. In recent years we have seen a real boom in the creation of innovative and scientific hubs, platforms, forums, co-working spaces.

We are talking about our ability to mobilize intellectual resources in difficult conditions, when our country hangs a real threat. Thus, as has already happened with the restoration of the Ukrainian army: we managed to unite and find the necessary resources to the real enemy.

It is a strong civil society is one of our competitive advantage, along with strong scientific school and growing innovative activity. It is not surprising that it now acts as a driver of changes in the country. We have all the elements that are needed. It remains to combine them into a single communication platform.

In order for innovation has found application in society, it is necessary that it is itself modernized. And the process of such modernization needs to occur at the level of horizontal inclusive relationships. The prototype of such «societies horizontal relations» has shown itself during the events of the revolution of dignity, when Ukrainians are due to self-organization were able to defend their civilizational position in the further development of the state.

Gradually the cult of innovation is able to transform science into a full-fledged participant of the economic relations which finally will give an adequate answer to the question – what is unique to offer Ukraine on the world markets? The only answer to this question will give us a real chance at economic growth. After all, modern economies live off the rents of human capital. While Laggards are still using the rent of financial capital, being in constant search of resources for its accumulation and reconstruction.